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Interaction & UX designer passionate to create user-friendly solutions!
With a degree in Communication & Multimedia Design, I am currently working as interaction designer at Mirabeau.

The Designer

I am a Communication and Multimedia Design graduate specialized in Interaction Design. Before graduating I followed the minor Interface & User Experience Design and did two Interaction Design internships. As a graduate intern I designed a prototype of an interactive storybook app for pre-scholars based on extensive research on the development of pre-scholars and their experience with physical and interactive storybooks. With a strong international background, I decided to return to The Netherlands for a bachelor degree. I am a team player and have been appointed teamleader for a great amount of projects I worked on. I have the ability to sense the atmosphere within a team and can deal with team situations to ensure that the focus on the final goal is never lost. I am always eager to learn and enjoy working as interaction designer at Mirabeau.

“Working together with Anouck wasn't only great fun but she's
also a good listener and willing to express her opinion.”

Rafaela van Meurs
Junior Interaction Designer at Flink

The Skills

During course, minor and internship projects I have learnt to apply many different skills to function in a design team and create products. My ambitions go towards interaction and user experience design so here are some skills that I have developed over the years.

“Anouck works independently and is eager to learn.
She is enthusiastic and she creates opportunities to improve herself.”

Paul Versteeg
Senior Interaction Designer at Mirabeau

The Work


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It's a pleasure to have Anouck as a team member. She's fun,
works very hard and you can tell she's passionate about what she's doing.

Esther Wieringa
Junior Interaction Designer at ANGI studio

The Graduation Project

For my graduation project I spent 5 months doing research for YipYip on user-friendly solutions for interactive storybook applications on the iPad intended for pre-scholars. The fact that tablets have become increasingly popular amongst pre-scholars stimulates developers to build apps for these young users. However, due to lack of user insights and research, these apps are often not user-friendly designed for this young audience.

To answer the subject matter of this research thesis, research has been done on the developement of pre-scholars, how pre-scholars experience a physical storybook and how they experience interactive storybooks on a tablet. This was done via literatuur research, expert & parent interviews and observation sessions with pre-scholars.

Most user interfaces and interactive elements of interactive storybook apps fail to fit to the perception of pre-scholars. What seems to be more than logic interactions for adults appear to be more difficult to understand for pre-scholars. Therefore visual triggers are needed to suggest which elements of the story contain interactivity. Designers should also take into account that pre-scholars are not yet able to read, therefore the interface of the application should be text-free and make use of symbols only.

Research also showed that pre-scholars tend to touch the tablet screen a lot more (unintentionally) than adults. Developers should take this into account so that the interactive storybook is developed in a way that this doesn’t disrupt the interactivity and the experience of the storybook.

On the basis of the conclusions that came forth from this research, I designed a prototype of an interactive storybook app intended for pre-scholars deduced from an existing physical storybook. The application offers a simple and clear interface containing only symbols which are easy to interpret for the young audience. Extra assistance is offered via a character who explains how to use the app. Through tasks being given via a narrative voice the pre-scholar becomes more aware of the various interactions that are available on a page. As an extra support and to increase the engagement of the pre-scholar, the character appears throughout the whole storybook to compliment and stimulate their activity. By locking the ability for pre-scholars to adjust the settings of the app, it prevents them from reaching a deadlock during the use of the application.

To prove that this concept works and fits to the perception of pre-scholars, the application has been tested bij several pre-scholars via a usability test. The results demonstrate that several adjustments can still be made to the visual triggers used with the interactive elements. However overall the tests justify that pre-scholars can use the application without stumbling upon obstacles or deadlocks while listening to and interacting with the story. Lastly the tests showed that pre-scholars wanted to repeat using the application after the test was done which is an indication that the interactive storybook fits to their perception.

YipYip now uses the results of this research when building pre-scholar-friendly apps.

As an Interaction Designer and person, Anouck is very precise and neat.
She puts her heart into her work which makes her very dedicated!

Kelly van de Sande
Interactive Designer at IN10


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